How to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria


How to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria have never been easy. Do you know that starting up your own cosmetics shop in Nigeria requires little capital?  Are you shocked?

Well, you will learn how you can startup your own cosmetics business as well as cosmetics line and make yourself more money instead of relying on Good paying Jobs for $50k annually currently

Maybe you have decided as a single mom, a couple or a student to venture into the cosmetic enterprise or that you are fed up with being an employee or an intern thinking on How to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria.

You have a likeness for makeup artistry or not, this is article is for you.

Here, I will be outlining the tools and steps needed to start your own Makeup business and ways to broadcast or advertise your cosmetics line as well as start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria at the comfort of your home.

Before you can know how to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria, it is expected that you know a thing or two about the cosmetics industry. Just like any other businesses, cosmetics business requires you do the following:

Decide a Business Name for your cosmetics shop

As you are thinking on how to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria, you have to think of your brand name. Yes, this is very important if you really want to start. Your business Name is your identity, your shop name is your identity, more like your brand. It distinguishes your from other makeup companies.

In Cosmetics Business, your business name is a way market yourself properly. You have to make the name short and memorable and easy to pronounce and spell. For example: Tesy Beauty Plus, Cosmetic Home etc.

Your creativity is needed here and you need to make the name tally with your business as this helps to create a positive visual scenario for your prospective customers.

Building your Makeup Sample Kits.

On how to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria, there are bunch of makeup products and makeup sample kits, cosmetics company store offers, brand cosmetics for eyes, lips cheeks and face etc.

Truth is that you will find these products online or offline at discounted prices, cosmetics company stores, premium brand cosmetics, eyes lips cheeks, cosmetics for eyes lips, you will agree with me that while some are quite expensive, and others are cheap.

Well long story cut short, here are the list of products you will need to start a freelance  cosmetics shop in Nigeria.

1. Full Brush Set and Brush Cleanser
2. Minimum 4 Liquid Foundations (you can mix to get the perfect shade)
3. Setting Powder (control shine)
4. Minimum 15 Eye shadows Depending on Skin Tone (palette form will save you space later)
5. Blush
6. Lipsticks/Gloss (don’t go crazy most brides will want to carry their own)
7. Mascara (waterproof)
8. Eyeliner (black/brown)
9. False Lashes (assortment)
10. Skin Care (do not ignore, very important to achieve that flawless skin)
12. Primer (need to smooth out texture in the skin and control shine)
13. Tools – Eyelash Curler, Lash Glue, Sponges, Spatula, Tester Wands

These are the essentials to have in your makeup kit, now don’t go crazy with the cost because its better to buy the quality and build your makeup kit slowly than want everything at once and not care about the quality.

ALERT! DO NOT BUY ONLINE MAKEUP PRODUCTS from an unreliable source. Click this link for a list of shops in Nigeria

Setting up your cosmetics business finances

Another tips for you when you are thinking of how to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria is to set up a business bank account.


This is very important as this will help you track your business and keep it separate from your personal account and personal expenses. No long story.

Keep track of all your receipts and invoices so you will be prepared and organized for tax time that is if you decide to own an office, shop or kiosk (e.g Local government, state government as other taxes).

Decide your Price Range and List

Your prices should vary depending on the location and occasion of your client, you could charge extra fees for travel and miscellaneous. Most makeup artists give a special rate for the more makeup they have to do (e.g bridal train) or (music group).

TIP: When giving clients your price list inform them that prices may vary depending on location, this will save the stress of explaining later!

Ways to How to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria

Networking is key: This is the most important and powerful marketing tool for your venture is networking . To get your makeup business off the ground, you discuss your business among your peers and relatives.

The makeup artist industry is a very competitive industry and word of mouth can make all the difference to the success of your business.

Talk to people wherever you go weddings, airplanes, events and get your name out there.

Networking is all about building those long term trusting relationships, building them and keeping them strong. Maintain a strong circle of contacts, follow up with clients and build trust.

Social Network: Starting your own cosmetics shop in Nigeria requires social media advert. Yes, your social media accounts have a very good role to play here because it is a medium where you can reach a wide range of people. Social networks like twitter, Instagram, facebook and youtube will help market you to the world if you use them wisely.

Build your portfolio: your portfolio is your resume or CV. When you make a collection of your best works (either video or pictures), together it showcases your talent and help you gain new clients.

Wrapping it all up on how to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria...

Clearly you can now see that the issues is not so about How to start a cosmetics shop in Nigeria, rather making you understand that creating your own cosmetics empire is not actually a big deal.

you can sign up as an affiliate on some affiliate site and learn how to make money marketing beauty products on line. Well this requires you own or know what affiliate marketing is all.

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Please do not fail to ask your questions on the comments box. comment and share this article to your friends.


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