How to get cheap YouTube views for free


Have you been looking for how to get cheap YouTube views for free? Or have been searching for a way to get free YouTube views for your YouTube channels?

Search no more….

I hope you know that the more views you get on youtube, the more money you make with your videos.

Well, I’m just kidding but its true. youtube if not the best is one the best website you can earn from

In this post, I want to show you how to gather enough youtube watch time for your channel for free by using popular free tools online.

To get free youtube views for your channel is not a hard nut to crack. In fact, it is as simple as the snap of your fingers.

Before now, I have been searching for how to get cheap YouTube views for free with little or no success until I searched deeper to discover the secrets behind getting views for your videos.


Before you continue, I must warn you that these tips and tricks on how to get free youtube views will only work if you have patience and consistency.

Like I said earlier, getting youtube views is not rocket science, which means its achievable but with a little patience from you.

Note: I am strongly against you buying YouTube views and subscribers from rogue sites because, it is strongly against Google policy and may get your youtube account banned.

Factors that influences how to get cheap YouTube views for free

  • Video quality: The quality of your video determines how your viewers will react. Is your youtube video blur? Is there too much noise in the background? Research has shown that HD videos tend to get ranked more than low quality videos.

  • Video content: To get free youtube views, you need to provide value to your viewers. Crappy video contents scare viewers away and they will never click the subscribe button.


  • Audio quality: To gain 100% youtube watch time from your viewers, you need a good audio quality. Too loud or too low is a No if you must get youtube views for free.

  • SEO: Content is king but SEO still rules. Youtube views tend to increase when you have good SEO technique.

  • Demographics: this simply means the people, country, race, age and interest your video is targeting. This also plays a huge role on how to get cheap YouTube views for free.

Before I go into the tips and tricks on how to get cheap YouTube views for free proper, this is a quick tutorial on how to create a youtube channel of your own.

Of course you know that you cannot upload a video on youtube without a youtube channel.

Step one

you must have a google account before you can sign up on youtube.

To sign up for a google account, log on to . its easy to sign up and create an account for free.

how to create gmail

fill in the forms according...

Step two

Go to your web browser and log on to Sign in with the google (gmail) account you created above.

click the sign in button....


Note: Youtube creation is free. Google does not charge you for using their services.

Step three

To upload your first youtube video, simply click on the upload icon as specified on the image below.

That’s enough..

Lets get into how to get free youtube views already.

How to get cheap YouTube views for free

Always do SEO for your videos

Search Engine Optimization is very important if you must get free youtube views for your videos.

Make sure you properly do a keyword research of  the focus keyword of your videos before making it go live.

Always give an eye catching title

You are 100% sure of views with an eye catching title. Always remember that first impression matters a lot.

Secondly, your title must have your focus keyword in it.

Always use a good thumbnail with your image in it

From observation, the popular videos with insane views on YouTube always have the image of the video owner on the video thumbnail.

This is an insane strategy to gain the trust of the viewers, hence the increase in views and subscribers.

You can always design your video thumbnail using photoshop or hire an expert to do it for you.

Always do a proper research about your video subject matter

In order to get free cheap youtube views, you have to understand what users are searching for then provide answers for them.

This is one of the key tips of how to get cheap YouTube views for free. Once you get a hold of what people wants to see and how to provide good answers to them, your views goes up immediately.

Always leave a description of your video

A little description of what your video is all about, will go a long way to improve the video visibility on youtube.

This is an SEO guide for youtube. A little description of about 100 words with your focus keyword on two or three paragraphs is ok.

Always share your video links

For you to successfully, increase your youtube views for free, you must make your of your social profiles like facebook, twitter etc to share your video to your friends.

Encourage your friends to share to their friends and also share in forums related to the title of the video. Do it legitimately. Do not spam them.

Wrapping up…

If you consistently follow the tips above on how to get cheap YouTube views for free, you’ll see your views increase by 500% in a month.

Nothing good comes easy but when it comes, it lasts for a long time. Please do not fail to drop your comment and suggestion in the comment box.


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