Best Jobs for College Students


Choosing the best jobs for college students can be daunting, doing a part time job while in university can be threatening, combining studies and work can also be a tough idea, but choosing the right part-time job for you can make all the difference.

Considering the above statement, there are many factors to be considered while you job hunt while in college.

Factors that affect jobs for university students

These factors could be your location, schedule, availability etc. Let me explain further below:


  • Locality: This is an important factor to consider while searching for best jobs for college students. Finding a job that is easily nearby to you will greatly influence your dependability as a worker. If you have mobility e.g bike or car, you have a wider range of possibilities, but most university towns offer plenty of part-time jobs that are close to campus.


  • Timetable: here, you have to be sure to check out jobs with preferred availability during the times you can work. Some positions will require night shifts, early morning shifts, weekends, or holidays. However, be sure you can commit to the shifts that the business needs before taking on the job.


  • Wage:You have to ask yourself if you are working for passion or pay. Some jobs may have both, but the range of pay in part-time jobs is wide. Therefore, it is of utmost importance you find a job that is both enjoyable and offers the income that you need.


  • Career-relevance: If you are looking to gain experience in an industry of your interest, you might find yourself sacrificing pay. Working as an intern for a startup, local business or a big company may be more beneficial for your dream career after graduation.


  • Related experience: Finally, having the essential experience required to work at some part-time jobs is important to note. This is important as it allows you to know the best jobs for college students that you are qualified for and also save yourself some application time.


  • Race: Your race sadly is a factor to consider while job hunting. You must consider this as a less important factor because the world is now full of different race.


  • Language-proficiency: This is important for foreign college students in order to fully utilize the best jobs for college students, you have to be proficient in their local language so as to interact well.

Now that you have the factors to consider when choosing the part-time job, it’s time to jump on the job search.


Here’s a list best jobs for college students.

Resident Business Jobs:

Boutique Sales Associate

Are you a fashion freak? Boutique jobs are perfect for the fashionistas out there. Most boutique may require sales experience, but many are just looking for the right personality (classy, happy, friendly, outgoing, and stylish).

This type of jobs is most suitable to work afternoons and weekends. You’ll save money on clothing and accessories, as most boutiques offer employee sales discounts and cashbacks.


If you have a nice in photography and have an eye for capturing beautiful moments, you can reach out to local photographers and see if they need an assistant.

This job is great if you need a flexible schedule because you'll often work at events on nights and weekends taking and documenting beautiful pictures.

 You could start your own photography business by photographing your friends for special events or professional headshots.

Errands & Cleaning

This jobs are mostly carried out by foreign students to the locals. It is not the perfect best jobs for college students, but they can be a great way to earn extra cash.

You can check local job listings  online job portals for this kind of jobs.

Catering Service Jobs:

Ice Cream Scooper

This is a job for fun lovers. You get to serve both old and young and make extra bucks to your wallet. This will be a sweet job (pun intended) for those of you who are looking for a social job.

Enjoy life outside of college as ice cream shops usually attract people of all ages. Little to no experience needed is also a plus!

Host or Server at a Restaurant

This is the best job for those looking to earn fast cash and gain valuable experience in the food industry.

It does not matter if your aim is to own a restaurant, work as a chef, or simply pay your way through college, this is the job for go-getters.

You’ll be on your feet for most of the shift, but the extra income gained from tips will be a great benefit to your bank account. Need I say it’s the best jobs for university students ever? Stay tuned.


If you have the training (and the age) necessary to work as a bartender, take advantage of it in college. This job is one of the best jobs for college students only if you are willing to take the risk.

Most bars have a cool social scene, likely be close to campus, and offer high pay depending on where you work. It is mostly a night job.

See List of best Free online jobs and websites you can earn from


Online/Office Jobs:

Social Media Manager

Most college students has failed to utilize the power of social media. Do you think you've been wasting your time on Snapchat and Instagram? You've actually been gaining useful skills with your social media accounts.

Put those skills to good use by running the social media accounts for a local business or startup or brand. Some of these positions can also be done remotely, which is great for the busy university student who is good at multi-tasking.

Administrative Assistant

Working as an Administrative Assistant is a great way to gain experience in the "real" world especially if you run an administrative related course in college.

Choose a company you'd like to work for after you graduate and get connected to the business. You are likely to work with an older crowd of graduates here, offering a look into your potential career.

This is a great one to boost your resume and gain valuable professional skills. Plus you'll make connections that will help you when you graduate. Although you sacrifice a higher paying position for experience, administrative assistance is an investment in your future.


Blogging is another means where university students needs to make money. Many businesses hire bloggers to create attractive and relatable content for their websites.

You can video blog using to promote a brand or your own brand. You don't have to limit your job search to local businesses for this one, as the work is generally remote and submitted online. I can boldly say this is one of the best jobs for college students online.

You can even be proactive and reach out to your favorite blogs to see if they are looking for contributors.

Graphic Designer

Are you creative enough with graphics? Do you fancy nice graphic works? If you have an excellent design sense and know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, there are endless job possibilities for you.

Work as a freelance designer, create content for local businesses or find an internship at a local marketing agency.

The pay range is wide depending on the organization or client, but hours can be flexible and the work can be remote.

Work and Study Jobs:

Library Assistant

Library jobs is not one of the best jobs for college students one can think off but they are one of the most convenient jobs to have as a student because of their relatively high pay and on-campus location.

This position will give you plenty of customer service practice and the chance to interact with college students for most of your shift. Best of all, there is usually plenty of time to do your homework.

Dorm Receptionist/Security Monitor

Bingo! This job is perfect for students who love to study late at night. Most dorm receptionist jobs begin after sunset and can go as late as 3AM. One of the major pluses is that you are usually allowed to do homework during your shift.

Make money and get ahead in your studies, while simultaneously welcoming students into their homes.

Campus Tour Guide

This is one of the few part-time jobs for university students that is not going down too soon. Are you undeniably passionate about your campus? Put it to good use as a paid campus tour guide.

This will give you public speaking practice, exercise, and a chance to convince prospective students to attend your university.

This job is simple and fun as long as you are prepared to be moving for the entirety of the tour.

Research Assistant

This is very important if taken seriously, you gain experience in your field of interest by working as a Research Assistant for one of your lecturers or professors.

Since the research is usually conducted on campus, these positions are very conveniently located and the pay is good coupled with the additional bonus of being recommended for another job.


If you’re a creative person or an aspiring creative professional,  you can get a head start on your career and work as a freelancer during school. and are massive marketplaces for all types of freelance work like web design, graphic design, data entry, email marketing etc. while helps bloggers gain gigs within the professional world.

Freelancing gives you the space to advertise your skills and get hired from professionals at your own leisure.

Wrapping up….

Search for the best jobs for college students can be tough but I believe this post has made it easier. Engaging in one or more of the mentioned jobs above could go a long way to add few bucks to your account while you study.

I hope these post is nice and worth sharing.

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