Good paying Jobs for $50k annually currently


Are you looking for jobs that pay well or good paying Jobs for $50k annually ? Do you want to know how to make a decent living without spending many years in college? Jobs that pay $50, 000 or more annually and don't require a four-year degree are easier to find than you might think.

There are bunch of good paying jobs around that requires expertise and little experience.

However, This list covers general specifications which are subject to change. Search for the best jobs for college students under or above $50k can be tough but I believe this post has made it easier. Engaging in one or more of the mentioned jobs above could go a long way to add few bucks to your account annually.

It might interest you to know that there are plenty jobs out there and these are jobs that make a lot of money. I am talking about good paying Jobs for $50k annually .


You stand a better chance of securing these jobs if you have at a college degree.

Note:  I am not talking about entrepreneurial jobs like starting up Cosmetics Business and cosmetics company, neither am I talking about List of best Free online jobs and websites you can earn from.

Enough…. Let’s get it started.

List of good paying Jobs for $50k annually

Web developer

Creating attractive, scalable and functional websites requires a unique combination of computer programming and graphic design skills.

Web development is one of the good paying Jobs for $50k yearly which covers both the visual appearance (frontend) and technical construction (backend) of a site, although some developers specialize in one area or the other. Many employers look for candidates with associate's degrees in web design.

  • Average salary of  $50k — $67,990k

Fire inspector

Another good paying Jobs for $50k annually is the job of a fire inspector. The more real-world experience you have as a firefighter, the better your chances of becoming a fire inspector.

On-the-job training can give you the skills you need to identify fire hazards in public buildings and private homes and make sure that safety regulations are being followed. You may also need to get professional certifications.

  • Average salary of $50k — $59,260k

Food service manager

With a high school diploma and several years of work experience as a cook or server, you could pursue a career as a food service manager.

In this role, you hire and schedule workers, order supplies, address customer requests or complaints, and ensure that food safety standards are met. Voluntary certifications are available that could enhance your employability.

  • Average salary of  $50k — $52,030k

Power plant operator

Operating and maintaining the complex equipment that generates and distributes electrical power is the job of power plant operators. They monitor energy production rates and adjust or repair equipment as necessary to keep everything running safely.

Entry-level positions can be had with only a high school diploma, though some employers look for people with college-level training in power plant technology.

  • Average salary of $50k — $77,180k


Farming occupations are among the good paying Jobs for $50k annually yet don't require formal training. Many farmers learn the required skills through growing up on a family farm, though others do complete college programs in agriculture.

Farmers plant and harvest grains, vegetables, fruits, and other crops. They might also maintain farm machinery and oversee the work of hired laborers. it might interest you to know that there are Employment Opportunities in Agriculture in the world today

  • Average salary of $50k —$69,620k


Learning to install and maintain the boilers, vats, and tanks that hold, heat, or process liquids like oil and beer is normally done through an apprenticeship rather than academic study. Boilermakers assemble boilers, look for leaks and defects, and repair or replace broken components. Having some experience in welding can help.

  • Average salary of $50k —$62,260k

Aircraft mechanic

Some aircraft mechanics get into the trade with a high school diploma and develop the skills they need through on-the-job training, while others complete an aviation maintenance program at an FAA-approved school. Either option allows you to make a decent living by maintaining and repairing various types of aircraft.

  • Average salary of  $50k—$61,020k

Police officer

Well, few people do not know that policing is among good paying Jobs for $50k annually . Do you feel called to serve and protect? Becoming a police officer doesn't necessarily require a college degree, though some training in law enforcement can help.

The normal route into this career involves graduating from a police academy and undergoing a period of on-the-job training; you'll also need to meet physical fitness requirements.

  • Average salary of  $50k—$61,050k

Railroad conductor

With a short period of on-the-job training, you can be prepared to coordinate and manage the daily activities of train crews. On passenger trains, railroad conductors check tickets, announce stations, and ensure the safety of those onboard; on freight trains, they also supervise the loading and unloading of cargo.

  • Average salary of $50k —$60,300k

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representative

A college degree is not required for most wholesale and manufacturing sales jobs; many companies provide in-house training for new hires. You may find that selling non-technical goods to businesses and government agencies is easier if you take training courses or seminars in marketingcommunications, or sales techniques.

  • Average salary of $50k —$56,970k

Postal service clerk

In post offices across the U.S., postal service clerks sell envelopes and stamps, sort mail, calculate postage, and answer customer questions. You don't need a degree to get into this job, but you will have to pass a written exam, undergo a criminal background check, and complete a few weeks of on-the-job training.

  • Average salary of $50k —$58,550k


Electricians can make a comfortable living by installing and maintaining the electrical systems in homes, factories, and office buildings. You can begin a four- or five-year apprenticeship right out of high school and earn a wage while you learn your trade, or you can choose to take a training program at a technical school first.

  • Average salary of $50k —$54,110k

Telecommunications line installer and repairer

The world relies on telecommunications line installers and repairers to build and maintain the cables that bring telephone, cable TV, and Internet services to our homes and businesses. That's why workers in this field can earn decent wages even without a degree. You can expect to undergo a long period of on-the-job training after being hired.

  • Average salary of $50k —$55,060k

Structural iron and steel worker

Installing structural and reinforcing columns, girders, and beams during the construction of buildings and bridges can be learned through on-the-job training offered by some employers, though most ironworkers get their training through apprenticeships. You can boost your job prospects by becoming certified as a welder.

  • Average salary of  $50k—$52,610k


While you don't need a college degree to become a plumber, learning to install and maintain the pipes and fixtures that move liquids and gases through homes, factories, and other buildings is most commonly done through an apprenticeship. Some aspiring plumbers choose to complete a training program at a trade school or vocational college first.

  • Average salary of $50k —$52,590k

Gradually working up through the ranks is another way to earn an income of $50K or more annually. While you don't need a degree for most of the jobs listed here, you do need a bit of experience in the work world since there are more good paying Jobs for $50k annually especially in the USA.

Wrapping it all up….

From what you have read so far, you can see that there are good paying Jobs for $50k annually with or without a four-year degree are more common than many people think. Do you feel ready to take advantage of those opportunities?

If you feel the need to brush up on your skills or learn certain skills, check out the job-driven training offered by trade schools or workshops, seminars, vocational institutes, and technical institutes.

These types of schools can help prepare you to find success in a wide range of career fields. Just enter your search on google or any other search engine within your locality to explore convenient programs in your area, perhaps, you might find dozens of good paying Jobs for $50k annually that are convenient for you.

Do not fail to encourage us with your comments and questions.


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