Best way to earn money online without any skill

Do you know that you can earn money online without any skill? Do not panic, I am going to show you the best way to earn money online without any skill.

Hi guys, there’s this popular saying that “Skills and capability are what allow us to make a living.

This assertion might be true but in most cases, they are not true. I know you have been made to believe that you need a skill to make money online right?

Well that’s a lie….

There are some notably easy and fun alternatives to make cash online even as a college student. And you do this every day without knowing.

This includes watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more.

One of the best way to earn money online without any skill is through studying a customer behavior, knowing what he or she wants and looking for a way to solve their need.

This simply means searching for a problem and creating a good way to solve that problem.

Don’t be scared when a fellow tells you that you need a digital marketing skill to make more money online.

Don’t be scared when you are told to learn blogging before you can earn real income online.

Although there are list of legit websites where you can earn passive income or active income, still there are other best way to earn money online without any skill at all.

Common questions on best way to earn money online without any skill

Here, I shall provide you with questions on best way to earn money online without any skill and their answers.

Believe me; you will be amazed with the answers I am going to provide.

What is the best way to earn money online without any skill?

Answer: Sell other people services on behalf of you. Yes, like if someone is an expert at writing, hire him and say let me contact my client.

For example…

If someone advertises for a writer to do a job, you can contact the advertiser, you will find another person who is a writer, and you will take the tasks from the advertiser, and hand over to the writer.

You will charge let’s say $60 from the person who needs the writer, and you will give $40 to the writer, $20 is yours.

You see it is very easy to earn money online without any skill.

It can be applied to graphic designing, SEO services, link building, video editing, and the list goes on.


What is the best way to earn long term?

Answer: Firstly, Learn a skill, become an expert of it and practice it.

For example, you can learn SEO, how make a blog, and start earning money.


Is earning money easy as a piece of cake?

Answer: Nope, it needs hard work. If you follow tips and tricks, it will not work for the long term.

If you learn a skill and become a master of it, then it will be long term.

All the top rated sellers or millionaires you have seen, many worked days and nights, before they started earning money.

My parents don't believe in online earning, what should I do?

Answer: Keep trying, and when you earn your first earning, give them your money and show them. Now they will believe!

Simply Don't tell 'em, show 'em!

Should I leave social media to earn money?

Answer: Nope! Use social media for the learning purpose. Compare the people who earning money and others are wasting time on social media, asking for a girl number.

Limit your time on social media, but keep learning.

What should I learn for time and task management?

Answer: I prefer Asana due to its great user interface, but you can use Trello too. Both are great. Go to and type how to use Trello.

I feel like giving up on making money onlie, should I do?

Answer: Watch videos of Sandeep Maheshwari on his Youtube channel for the purpose of getting wisdom, not motivation.

Understand how business works, what is love, how to work effectively from his channel.

Which habit is a must?

Answer: Asking questions from Google, Youtube, and experts until you get a success.

Any free platform to learn any skill?

Answer: Yes, go to Youtube search, write the skill you want to learn, and go to filter, and select Playlist, now watch the videos in the form of a course

What should I do now?

Answer: Do everything I have told above, comment and share this post to your friends. They may need to learn the best way to earn money online without any skill.

Wrapping up…

I shall conclude this post “best ways to earn money online without any skill” with a quick word of advice.

Don’t give up, you can do this. Just be patient and consistent.


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