Small business ideas for men in 2022

It does not matter if you are an employed dad or not but you should consider this small business idea for men in 2022.

These lucrative and profitable business ideas can help you earn passive income even in your employed state.

Sadly though, these small business ideas require at least one or more skills. That does not mean that there are no ways to earn money without a skill online.

Trust me…

You will be wowed after reading this post, knowing fully well that your year will be fruitful if you intend to venture into this side hustle.

Like I said above, it does not matter if you are employed or not, neither does it matter if you are married, a single dad, or a bachelor.

If you apply these small business ideas, rest assured that your success is on the way.


This business ideas is not a get rich quick scheme, just like any other business, it requires patience, hard work and consistency.

Why do I need these small business ideas for men in 2019?

You need it if you are fed up on receiving monthly peanuts from your employer

You need it if you intend earning passive income from home with little capital.

You need it to augment your monthly earnings

Is it possible to earn with this small business ideas for men in 2019?

These small business ideas are high profitable business ideas that have been tested and trusted by different business professionals.

How sure are you that this business ideas is lucrative?

Based on research, these small business ideas for men have been putting extra bucks into the pockets of many guys over the years.

For me, I think it is a trusted, tested and legit business venture for 2019.

How to apply these small business ideas in 2019

Sadly, you don’t record success by just dreaming. Believe me, after reading this post, if you fail to apply what you have read, you have just wasted your time.

List of Profitable Small business ideas for men in 2019

This list of business ideas is proudly among the list of Good paying Jobs for $50k annually currently.


small business ideas for men 2019

Recycling is a great business idea for men to start this 2019 as not only will you earn income but also you will contribute preserving the environment.

You can purchase junk metals, dead car batteries or plastics, sell them to a recycling firm who recycles them and manufacture new products from them.

Note: this business is already booming and guesses what, it has low competition, which means that you can still fit in and earn.

Cold Room Business idea

small business ideas for men

This is a great home based business ideas for men who are stay at home dads.

Do you know that there are huge demands for fish, chicken, turkey, shrimps and other livestock?

The whole importance of a cold room business is to have all these perishable goods packaged, frozen and ready for cooking anytime and any day.

You can do this business in your cold room or refrigerator whatever the case.

You don’t even need a huge capital to start this business especially if you on a good refrigerator and constant power supply.

Why not give it a try?

Some of the perishable goods that you may consider dealing in includes; veggies, red meat, chicken, turkey, white meat, shrimps, crabs, all in large quantity.

Baking Business

small business ideas for men

Who told you those men does not bake? This is yet another small business idea for men in 2019.  You can learn how to bake online through self taught tutorials.


Because, women finds it easier hiring male bakers for their indoor baking than their female colleague.

You can set up an outdoor catering business if you have a penchant for baking. This business is fun and can be carried out at the comfort of your own home.

You can choose to start small depending on how much you are willing to invest in the beginning stages.

You can make cookies, cakes, and other assorted delicacies then watch your neighbors recommend you for small baking jobs.

Restore used electronics

small business ideas for men

Hey as a man, you can leverage on this small business idea in 2019 if you have little knowledge of electronics.

You can get used laptops, mobile phones or cameras at a throwaway price, fix them and resell them later on Ebay at a profit.

Handyman services

small business ideas for men

Like I said above, for you properly utilize this small business idea for men in 2019, you need a skill.

If you are skilled at doing repairs such as plumbing, painting, fixing a socket or a broken chair, you can let the people know about it, and you will be surprised at simple things that people are willing to pay you for.

Cleaning business

small business ideas for men

For me, this is also a very lucrative small business idea for men in 2019 in that everybody wants to look clean and neat.

You can provide cleaning services such as house cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning services.

You can also open a car wash and earn income by washing people’s cars.

The best part of this small business idea is that you may not require any serious formal training to start your own cleaning business.


small business ideas for men in 2019

Do you know that fashion designing is one of the most profitable small business idea in the world?

It is even better when you stick to sewing clothes for a particular sex or age group. It is called target market.

The benefits of being a professional tailor is that you will provide your customers with tailoring services such as stitching, shaping and repairs.

If you wish, you can also develop this business and start sewing new clothes and later selling them at a profit.

However, tailoring requires so much skills and training. Hence you must be willing to go all the way if you decide that this is the way to go

It is not a venture for the faint hearted.


small business ideas for men

This is the best paying small business ideas for men in 2019. With the world’s unemployment index raging high, little attention has been given to Agriculture.

There is a need to know Employment Opportunities in Agriculture all over world.

Wrapping up…

Now that you have gone through our collection of the best small business ideas for men in 2019, which one would you rather try?

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